7 Problems IFP Automation Helps Manufacturers Solve Using Robotics


1. They want to reduce workplace injuries  – Any repetitive task is a possible target area for robotics in manufacturing, particularly if it’s difficult or dangerous for a person or takes place in a hostile environment. Robotics can protect workers from repetitive, mundane and dangerous tasks.

2. They need to stay competitive in domestic manufacturing – Robotics are in greater use than ever today than ever.  Manufacturers increasingly need to embrace automation to stay competitive Automation allows domestic companies to be price competitive with offshore companies.

3. They need to increase the productive output of their plant – In creating efficiencies with automating tasks, robotics in manufacturing can achieve higher throughput and help manufacturers do more with their facilities and equipment.

4. They are struggling with keeping production jobs in the US  – When our domestic manufacturers can’t compete, jobs are sent offshore. Robotics can help to create jobs by reshoring more manufacturing work. Additional skilled jobs can be created like engineering, programming, management and equipment maintenance.

5. They need to assign valuable workforce labor to other areas of their plant-  Robots free up manpower to let companies maximize workers’ skills in other areas of the business.

6. They need to improve quality results of their manufactured product – Robots used in manufacturing create efficiencies all the way from raw material handling to finished product packing.

7. They need to gain a rapid return on investment – Robots achieve ROI quickly, often within two years, offsetting their upfront cost.

Today’s labor market includes fewer skilled manufacturing workers due to decades of offshoring, and robots eliminate the shortfall

  1. Robots can be programmed to operate 24/7 in lights-out situations for continuous production.
  2. Robotic equipment is highly flexible and can be customized to perform even complex functions
  3. Automation can be highly cost-effective for nearly every size of company, including small shops.
  4. Department of Labor statistics indicate that American workers are maximizing their output capacity, and robots help manufacturers break that ceiling.

IFP Automation’s partnership approach to helping you evaluate the use of robotics in your facility or on your machine includes:

  • Introduction
  • Needs Evaluation
  • Analysis & Recommendations
  • Execution


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