Efficient engineering application software assistance to help bring your mobile or industrial machine concept to market sooner.

Application Programming

Industrial Machine Application Software Programming

The programming required for machine controllers is continuing to become more extensive. Machine manufacturing companies seldom have the resources needed to program and maintain software. Economics and the need to focus on the main area of expertise often make it impossible to establish these resources. Our application experts and service partners can help. Together with the customer, specifications are made, the ideal system architecture is developed, the software is programmed and the system is tested. The customer can concentrate on making sure the application functions as desired. Our well trained software specialists implement the application requirements and provide service for machine and system manufacturing companies throughout the entire product lifespan.

Programming services primarily focus on our B&R Automation systems, and include our HMI graphical displays, machine control systems, PLCs, motion, communication / fieldbus systems, , motion controllers, vision systems, and safety hardware. In order to make efficient use of automation hardware, our engineers program within a modular architecture and structure subprograms into tasks with different priorities.

We can program your prototype machine control system using any of the available IEC 61131-3 programming languages:

Part 3 of IEC 61131 deals with programming languages and defines two graphical and two textual PLC programming language standards:

1. Ladder diagram (LD)
2. Function block diagram (FBD)
3. Structured text (ST)
4. Instruction list (IL)
5. Sequential function chart (SFC)
6. Continuous Function Chart (CFC)

C based programming is also available as an option.


Mobile Machinery Application Software Programming

Developing an effective vehicle control solution requires a supplier partner who has extensive experience in mobile application software design, build, programming, and testing. We offer our customers the choice of having IFP’s team develop the vehicle control software for your application, or possibly supporting the software engineering function within your own company.

We offer application programming services to quickly and effectively implement your vehicle control strategy. This allows you to get your system up and running quickly and easily using a wide selection of modules and user interfaces, as well as related accessory equipment, such as hydraulics, valves and sensors.

IFP Automation maintains an in-house department with years of experience in designing, building, and testing mobile application software across a variety of manufacturer software packages and controls hardware. We have experience in both designing and launching major on/off highway OEM on-board controller systems, including full turnkey software creation. No matter if your system needs are big or small, IFP is experienced and capable of handling the controls design and system integration of your mobile equipment.

IFP engineers utilize a complete suite of mobile control software to quickly and effectively implement your vehicle control strategy. Software options include ladder logic, C, and others. Display applications can be created by utilizing visualization tools that give you a cutting edge mobile display look.

Remote diagnostic options can be programmed and accessed for field reprogramming and trouble shooting options. Tools for debugging application software, sensors, and wiring harnesses are also available.

Benefits include:
-Increased reliability & improved ergonomics
-Increased machine intelligence & safety
-Easy programmability and system changes
-Faster Time to Market of Your Vehicle Concepts and Innovations. Our customer engineers can move from drawing board to prototype and production more quickly when IFP Automation is helping to create the initial software application package.