screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-4-27-27-pmMany IFP Automation customers are interested in adding machine vision to their applications. In many cases, machine vision can add enhanced levels of quality inspection and part verification in a very powerful way. Are you looking for a sensor where maximum functional and operational flexibility go together with easy process integration? Our VeriSens® vision sensors offer all these benefits – and still many more.


What exactly is a VeriSens® vision sensor?
VeriSens® is a complete image processing system in the form of a sensor. An image sensor, illumination (or illumination connection), optics (also interchangeable lenses), hardware/software, as well as Ethernet and digital interfaces, e.g. for PLC connection, are
integrated in a compact, industry-suited housing. After typical one-time configuration on PC, a vision sensor is ready to perform a specific task like a conventional sensor. VeriSens® vision sensors solve inspection tasks and can perform up to 32 feature checks simultaneously:

  • Presence and completeness checks
  • Determination or inspection of object position and orientation
  • Reading and verifying human-readable imprints (OCR / OCV)
  • Reading and checking matrix codes and barcodes including GS1 codes

How does a VeriSens® vision sensor work?
VeriSens® acquires images, evaluates them and communicates the results to the system control or to individual components in your system. Initial configuration on PC allows you entry of image
acquisition parameters, selecting tools for feature checks and setup of the required interfaces.

Where does VeriSens® make the most sense?
VeriSens® vision sensors tap their full potential of efficiency wherever various features must be checked in parallel or part locations vary, tasks which usually are only mastered by sophisticated
sensor technology. This also includes applications where a visual inspection is advisable and/or contactless checks are required. An intelligent sensor like VeriSens® is also the optimum component for checking (even different) batches in the line or communicating
collected data. VeriSens® vision sensors operate extremely efficient – depending on the scope of feature checking, up to 9,000 inspections per minute can be performed.


Some of the applications where the Baumer VeriSens has been used:


For more information on how you can make use of high performance, innovative VeriSens vision sensor in your applications, please contact us here to receive a personalized contact by an IFP Application Engineer:

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