IFP Automation offers efficient control solutions for integrated hydraulic drive control for challenging fluid power projects. Your engineers spend less time in development.

Applications Utilizing Fluid Power + Full Machine Control Technology

IFP offers complete integrated system solutions using electrical as well as fluid power technologies. We have the background and skills to design controls for both electrical and fluid power motion control applications.

We can control these technologies and provide a complete control and information system for your application. Whether a simple on-off control for a hydraulic valve, or a complex distributed intelligence system for total machine control, we help your designers engineer task-oriented solutions to challenging projects.

IFP Automation Offers Engineering Expertise in Both Fluid Power and Control Systems

IFP Automation’s Engineering Team consists of degreed engineers who have decades of experience in both fluid power and controls. Dedicated experts in each field help our customers with their most challenging application system questions.

Hydraulic Specific Control Algorithms and Function Blocks

Controller and software solutions are available from IFP to control a variety of motion technologies, whether they be hydraulic, servo electric, or pneumatic. Maximum precision and movement coordination can be achieved through easy to use hydraulic specific control algorithms that have already been created. This means you spend less time in development getting your hydraulic axis configured and tuned.