Voice of the Machine™ Software and SensoNODE Sensors create an advanced condition monitoring solutions for equipment and machines that delivers vital measurement data and analytics.

Condition Monitoring

One of the biggest recent advancements in industrial manufacturing is the proliferation of sensors on all types of industrial equipment, from connectors, hose and tubing to pumps, motors, actuators and filters. Data from these sensors creates enormous opportunity to transform the way industrial equipment is operated and maintained.

Voice of the Machine is a centralized strategy to ensure standardization across all Parker IoT-empowered products, providing visibility into critical components. Voice of the Machine makes it easier and more cost effective for you to remotely monitor assets to improve safety and reduce risk, maintenance cost and unplanned downtime while uncovering hidden opportunities to improve efficiency.

SensoNODE GoldSensoNODE™ Gold
SensoNODE Gold is Parker’s series of networked, wireless sensors that are developed for continuous condition monitoring via the cloud or local applications. That means as long as you have an internet signal, you can get up-to-date measurements.

  • Wireless sensors that are small in size
  • Simple installation: place and go
  • Provides accurate measurements
  • Place sensors at point of need
  • Long battery life
  • Long range radio
  • Durable construction for harsh environments – IP65 rate

Route-based monitoring and diagnostics
Route BasedParker’s route-based monitoring and diagnostics allow workers to take instant measurements of individual assets wirelessly, and record those measurements using their mobile device. Compared to traditional wired gauges, users spend less time getting measurements and can avoid potentially unsafe working conditions; e.g. monitoring mobile equipment.  Parker’s Voice of the Machine™ Software and SensoNODE Gold Sensors deliver a complete standalone solution that isn’t dependent on a facility network or IT department.

Voice of the Machine™ Software
Voice of the Machine Software is Parker’s cloud-based continuous condition monitoring interface that provides alerts, status, and analytics for increased awareness of your processes and assets anywhere, anytime.

  • Access to data anytime, anywhereVoice of the Machine Software
  • Easy to use web-based interface
  • No software download – no updates
  • Receive alert notifications – email, text message, or in-system
  • Visualize data in a way that makes most sense
  • Customize alerts, trend charts, and dashboards
  • View measurement anomalies easily
  • Support continuous improvement efforts with trend data
  • Multiple user access levels
  • Remotely monitor multiple sites and sensors
  • Export and share data

Start the Voice of the Machine™ Cloud Software and SensoNODE Gold experience with our easy to use Starter Kit.