Fluid connector products that simplify connections, reduce assembly time, and increase performance in your application.

IFP offers first-in-market fluid connector products through its long term partnership with Parker.

We offer the broadest line of fluid connector products and parts including tube fittings, hose and hose fittings, quick couplings, brass products and related assembly fabrication equipment. (1.5 minute video on remote pressure, humidity and temperature monitoring with Parker’s SensoNODE product).


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Hose Products

Hydraulic Hose and Hose Assemblies

Parker manufactures the world’s largest offering of rubber and thermoplastic hydraulic hoses in the marketplace today. Parker offers hydraulic hose that meets SAE, DIN, ISO and MSHA standards. Parker’s hydraulic hose includes such features as constant working pressures, low expansion, low temperature and high temperature applications. Parker’s hydraulic hose is used in mobile, agricultural, industrial, rail, refrigeration and aviation applications. Parker is the only manufacturer to offer high pressure spiral hydraulic hose with the flexibility found in a braided style. With the most abrasion resistant covers today, Parker hydraulic hose can withstand even the harshest of working environment.

Hose Crimping Equipment

From high-volume productivity to portable on-site assembly, we offer a variety of crimping machines, saws and other hose crimping accessory equipment.

Parker Tracking System (PTS)

PTS helps customers reduce equipment and machinery downtime by increasing the speed, timing and accuracy of acquiring replacements. Using our web-based application, PTS generates a unique identification code for each hose assembly which is printed on a durable barcode or RFID label.

PTS can eliminate costly hours of equipment downtime, helping customers achieve greater productivity and profitability.

Tube Fittings & Adapters

Tube Fittings & Adapters

Parker manufactures a broad line of tube fittings and adapters including the Triple-Lok® fitting (37degree flare), Ferulok® fittings (flareless), Intru-lok® fitting (brass flareless), EO fitting (metric flareless), EO-2 fitting (metric flareless with elastomeric seal), Seal-Lok™ fitting (O-ring face seal), Pipe and port ends – NPTF, SAE Straight Thread, BSPP, BSPT, ISO and metric.

Tube Fabrication Equipment

Benders (hand & hydraulic), cutting & deburring tools, flanging, flaring, porting tools and accessories.

Diagnostic Products

SensoControl Products

Parker’s Diagnostic equipment can identify hard-to-detect variations in pressure, temperature and flow quickly and easily. The Parker family of SensoControl products includes the Service Master Plus, Service Master Easy and Serviceman Plus test meters as well as the ServiceJunior digital pressure gauges, transducers, flow Sensors, temperature probes and  test meter kits.

IFP Automation uses a full array of these tools to test and diagnose systems, either at our location or in the field.

SensoNode Advanced Condition Monitoring

Downtime. For a facility manager, that means added costs for equipment repairs and lost revenue for as long as the equipment remains idle. To minimize downtime, you need to be able to monitor your equipment for performance issues, and identify problems before equipment failure occurs.

SensoNODE is your first step in advanced condition monitoring. This dynamic system provides consistent and accurate readings for pressure, humidity, and temperature for key decision support to optimize asset and system performance. By having immediate access to vital information, users can evaluate any pressure, temperature or humidity change that may damage components and systems over time.

SensoNode Blue

SensoNODE Blue is Parker’s series of Bluetooth-powered sensors. Compact, energy-efficient, and wireless, they are designed to provide a simple solution for portable and diagnostic applications with mobile devices. SensoNODE monitors assets for changes in pressure, temperature, and humidity to help predict problems and prevent downtime.

SCOUT Mobile

Through wireless connection, SCOUT Mobile software compiles data collected by SensoNODE Blue sensors and presents it in a way that makes sense to your operation, giving you the analytics you need to optimize your assets’ performance. SCOUT Mobile software also alerts users to unexpected condition changes that may damage components and equipment. As levels rise above or fall below user-defined thresholds, users are alerted to these events by email or text, giving them an opportunity to address potential issues that could harm the system over time.

Quick Couplers

Quick Coupling Products

We offer a complete line of steel, brass, and stainless steel, hydraulic and pneumatic quick couplings where hoses or implements require connection without the use of tools. In addition, there are swivels that allow hoses to turn without twisting, check valves and a variety of thermoplastic quick couplings.

Brass Products and Transair Systems

Brass, Composite and Thermoplastic Fittings & Valves

Push-to-Connect, compression, flare, adapters, barbed, DOT, cartridges, flow controls, metric compression, ball valves and hose barb fittings in brass, nickel plated brass, stainless steel and thermoplastic materials for low pressure pneumatic, industrial, transportation, water and beverage markets

Transair Advanced Air Pipe Systems

Fast, flexible, and easily modified, Transair is the ideal aluminum pipe system for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications. Durable and corrosion-resistant, Transair’s lightweight construction outperforms traditional piping systems. End-users can reconfigure production layouts in minutes, not hours, and Transair’s versatile, quick-connect interlocking system eliminates the need to thread or solder pipe. Transair also significantly reduces plant energy costs by increasing efficiency, reducing pressure drops, and eliminating leaks.

Hose and Tubing for Ultra High Pressure and Extreme Applications

Extreme Pressure & Application Hose, Tubing and Fittings

Parker’s Parflex Division manufactures hose, tubing and fittings to handle extreme pressures and applications.

Industrial Hose

Industrial Hose

From harsh abrasives, aggressive chemicals and volatile fuels to compressed gases and superheated steam, Parker’s comprehensive line of industrial hose provides superior performance in demanding applications.