Versatile industrial transport systems let you move products through your production line more efficiently while simultaneously improving quality. Based on long-stator linear motors, IFP’s partner – ABB’s B&R group, offers a solution through our next-generation industrial transport solutions make production lines more flexible, more reliable and faster.

In place of belts and chains, products are transported along the track on independently-controlled shuttles. With control resolution down to 10 µm, the nearly frictionless shuttle movement enables implementation of highly precise production processes.

We help manufacturers solve 4 major problems with Track Technology.  Substantially reducing floor space of production lines, reducing changeover times to virtually zero, & increasing productive output of your machines/lines.


  1. Recapture lost production dollars due to downtime

B&R’s versatile transport systems are specially developed for industrial applications and offer an unprecedented level of robustness. They are constructed with IP65 dust and water protection and smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. They are also certified for use in clean rooms. The industrial-grade design ensures high availability and reliable 24/7 operation.


2. Get More Productive Output from a machine or line. 

By eliminating the need for buffer zones, they allow for a substantial reduction in track length compared to conventional belt conveyors. They also make much more efficient use of the remaining space by utilizing curve sections and incorporating reverse movements. Products can be transported flexibly and independently and then grouped together at a station to be processed as a batch. Overall, the production process can be accelerated by up to 50% for a significant boost in productivity.

3. Rapid changeover allows you to drastically reduce costly changeover time
Short changeover times make a huge difference in day-to-day operation. Change products or formats with a tap on your HMI screen. Downtime for mechanical changeover can often be eliminated entirely. Adding or removing shuttles is also extremely fast and easy.


4. Reduced footprint – reduce the plant space your machine or line occupies
B&R’s versatile transport systems can be fully integrated. This not only reduces the overall footprint of the but also improves processing precision.  Through comprehensive integration, faster performance, and increased accuracy, this allows for a considerable reduction in production line footprint.


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