March 16, 2020
Attention Valued Customers of IFP Automation



IFP Automation (Indianapolis & Fort Wayne including our manufacturing location), MIDpro Fluid Power, and our Parker Store in Ft Wayne are open for business!


The current restrictions being put in place to protect us all from possible infection by the COVID19 virus has limited our ability to work with you at your facilities. However, IFP sales personnel, engineers & technicians are available to visit your facilities on an as needed basis if your current visitation restrictions allow for it.


Our manufactured systems and shop assembly services are still fully staffed and continue to build system assemblies, electrical panels, hydraulic and other engineered systems, kitted packages and more.


Throughout this pause in our ability to visit you in person, work still needs to get done.


IFP has invested in the technologies needed to continue our work with you on a virtual basis. I would ask that you consider the list of ways IFP has to communicate with you, allowing your work to be completed with our personnel.


  1. Zoom Web Conference, Phone Teleconferencing, & Video Conferencing.
  2. Remote machine access: Our engineers are able to access your equipment remotely to perform troubleshooting and upgrades as needed.
  3. Cellular and VoIP Phones: Each IFP sales engineer, application engineer, and customer service person has been provided company cellular phones and/or VoIP phones. Contact by phone is still very much available.
  4. Smart Phone pictures of machine parts needed and problems from your phones can be sent.
  5. Shipments Continue: Shipping department is fully functional. Samples of materials to be prototyped or items to be repaired can also be sent to IFP.
  6. Virtual Online Collaboration: Sharing of information, drawings, schematics, & more can be done through:
    • One Drive
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Basecamp
    • Dropbox


It is key to our mutual success that we continue to move forward on projects and concepts for future work. This pause in contact does not need to result in a stalling of our work.


We feel it is time to be creative and overcome this challenge together!


IFP looks forward to our continued relationship as your fluid power, automation, controls, safety and robotics partner during the coming weeks.


We are ready and able to help you.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. In the meantime, let’s keep our work together moving forward.


Bernie Clarke
IFP Automation



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