When it comes to both local and fieldbus IO,  many of our customers are looking for ways to save space, save cost, and keep simple compatibility with their primary PLC. Here are some of the ways that our preferred IO solution from B&R has helped customer companies achieve a better IO solution.

  • IP20 and IP67 rated components
  • Unique 3 piece modular design (Featuring an always available backplane)
  • Tool free assembly, removal, and wiring
  • Hot pluggable electronics
  • Fieldbus compatible with other brands of PLCs/controllers
  • Unlimited number of I/O nodes per system
  • Up to 255 I/O modules per node
  • X2X backplane extendable up to 100 meters via copper
  • On board shielding and grounding
  • 16 points on 12.5mm module

In situations where that primary PLC may not be B&R, IFP has created a simple 7 minute video on how to integrate B&R IO into a non-B&R PLC. In this case, we have chosen to integrate B&R’s X20 IO product with a Rockwell Allen Bradley

122cd872f761e8f066ddd2c46e07a700687a623bControlLogix 5000 PLC using both B&R’s free Fieldbus Designer software package. Additionally, we show how to integrate the two systems by generating an .L5K file for Rockwell’s RS Logix5000 software. The I/O connects through an Ethernet IP fieldbus from the AB PLC to the B&R X20 IO.

If you would like to learn more about how IFP Automation can help you give your machine or project a cost saving, space saving, fully compatible IO solution, please reach out to us to have an IFP Application Engineer contact you:

About IFP Automation

IFP Automation supplies innovative technology and design solutions to the automation and mobile marketplaces.  Our firm is a technology supplier specializing in the design and supply of automation and motion control products to OEM, integrator, and end user customers. Companies partner with IFP because they like the depth of our product and application knowledge and our commitment to outstanding customer service. IFP is the exclusive partner office for B&R Automation, as well as many complimentary automation lines, in the State of Indiana.

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