Traditionally speaking, belted drive actuators have only been seen as horizontal solutions in applications where single or multi-axis Cartesian systems are utilized. That time has ended with the introduction of Rollon Corporation’s SMART series actuator.  This steel-reinforced belt drive actuator is able to achieve the reliability and performance required from a ballscrew system, but with a lower cost, lower noise, higher speed, and more simply  constructed device.  The anodized aluminum bodies of these devices can deliver the right combination of high mechanical strength and reduced weight for a variety of applications.

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What follows is real application feedback from machine builders who note several ways that these actuators have benefitted their applications.

Open Design.  SMART actuators make maintenance easy. Since they don’t have any caps or coves, engineers can directly reach any wear components that need repairing.

Mount Orientation.  This series comes with a symmetrical drive head, allowing machine builders to quickly change the actuator’s motor mount orientation without a new part number or any actuator reworking.  Since SMART actuators are more flexible and convenient, machine builders know that, when making design changes, their motor will properly fit.

The SMART series is a full featured actuator that includes the following:  

  • Heavy duty steel reinforced polyurethane drive belt
  • Backlash-free pulley
  • Unlimited mounting orientations
  • Unique design allows actuator to extend/retract similar to a cylinder
  • Heavy duty bearing for high load and moments
  • Innovative dust proof bearings with brush seals

When extreme loads are required, take a look at the big brother “SC Series”  which lifts over 1300 lbs and speeds reaching 200in/sec.

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