Mobile control systems from IFP greatly enhance on-highway or off-highway vehicle performance. IFP’s systems allow for lower costs, fewer wires to break, faster speed-to-market and simplified troubleshooting in the field.

IFP Automation is a trusted and experienced technical supplier partner for mobile control applications. From a simple CAN based multiplex control application to the complexity of a fully distributed multi node control system with full real time telematics capabilities, we have the engineering expertise to help you gain an edge on your competition.

OEMS today are looking for rugged electronic control solution from a partner who can provide experience, as well as a broad range of flexible control system products. From our stand alone products to complete vehicle control systems, we offer both standard products and completely custom solutions.

An example system architecture of a typical mobile control system designed by IFP Automation (click image to expand).

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Mobile Displays

Graphical Displays

Display text, graphics, or video with our range of sunlight readable graphical display modules. Whether critical data needs to be displayed in the cab or outside your vehicle, IFP has sunlight readable graphical display solutions to meet your needs.

Instrument Clusters

Display text, graphics, or video with our range of sunlight readable graphical display modules. Whether critical data needs to be displayed in the cab or outside your vehicle, IFP has sunlight readable graphical display solutions to meet your needs.

Mobile Controllers

Electronic Control Modules

IFP offers a wide variety of electronic control modules in both CANLink® and stand alone versions, as well as remote controls. Our control modules allow for the flexibility of a simple multiplexing solution, as well as a full standalone control system.

CAN Data Loggers

Whether storing vehicle usage, system fault, or vehicle telemetry information for accident event recording, IFP has a CAN data logger to meet your needs


Control Suite Software
Our software studios cover all phases of a machine’s life cycle, from development through production to after sales.

Application Software

CAN software modules can be pre-programmed by our team and be shipped ready for your single application, or they may be programmed by your own design team. This allows designers to give vehicles different performance characteristics for different applications without changing the basic production hardware components. The benefits include simplified design, reduced inventory and the ability to quickly deliver customer-specific products.

Operator Interfaces

Radio Remote Controls

IFP’s customized Radio Remote Controls permit operation of mobile equipment from the safest, most productive position for the operator. By providing remote control of selected functions from a remote location, the operator can avoid dangerous, unhealthy, unsafe or non-compliant working conditions. A variety of modularized designs are available for customization to any set of specific vehicle control functions.

Manual Operator Interface Devices

Whether you require CAN-enabled switch panels to conveniently tie in to your multiplex control system or reduce dashboard wiring harness complexity, a gauge driver to interface with existing gauges on your dashboard, or you need modem or other wireless communications interface with your vehicle, IFP has products to meet your needs

Joysticks and Levelers

IFP offers a large selection of multi axis operator input devices that incorporates ruggedness, functionality, light weight with high flexibility for mobile market applications. Our units are extremely robust, able to withstand aggressive conditions during outdoor use and in outdoor installations, including EMI, vibrations and a wide temperature range.

Mobile Telematics Solutions

Telematics Solutions
Telematics is a way of monitoring the location, movements, status and health of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. This is achieved through a combination of a GPS receiver and a communication device (a modem) installed in each vehicle, communicating with the user (dispatching, emergency or coordinating unit) via a PC- or web-based software. The data is turned into information through a secure, customizable web portal.

Sensors, Accessories and Custom Solutions

Sensors and Instrumentation

Tilt, accelerometer, inclinometer, ground speed, rotary control, flow, liquid level, pressure & temperature sensors for both simple and complicated applications.

Standard & Custom Wiring Harnesses
Wiring assemblies made to order – whether it’s CAD drawing or a simple sketch. Quality products at better prices.

Custom Solutions
Do you have a very specific requirement not found in a standard product we offer? We would be happy to review your requirements and determine whether a custom solution is right for you.

Mobile Camera & Vision Solutions

Cameras for Mobile Applications

Our IQAN-SV is a new generation of digital, high resolution IP camera that uses an Ethernet video link to work together with IQAN-MD4 master displays. This small dimension IP camera is perfect for use as a mobile vehicle blind spot monitor or rear view camera in an IQAN control system.