IFP is your trusted partner in engineered mobile hydraulics, offering dependable mobile hydraulic solutions from a select group of world-class manufacturers & custom products that we manufacture.

Highly reliable systems custom engineered to your specifications are offered at competitive prices and delivered on schedule. Our engineers partner with you to design and build the mobile hydraulic system that works best for your application. IFP has decades of experience in mobile hydraulic engineering in machinery industries like construction, agricultural, material handling, on / off highway vehicles, and more.

An example mobile hydraulic system architecture designed by IFP Automation (click image to expand).

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Accumulators & Coolers

Piston, Bladder & Diaphragm Accumulators

IFP offers a wide range of products designed to reduce shock and vibration in fluid handling systems.

Custom Coolers, Radiators and Combination (or multi-fluid) Coolers

Our engineering and applications teams will work with you to understand your overall system requirements and design a system to meet your needs. Our custom coolers and radiators utilize robust bar and plate construction providing a more efficient and compact design when compared to traditional tube and fin construction.

We have extensive experience designing single and multi-fluid coolers (also known as combination coolers or “combo coolers”). These coolers vary from simple, single fluid air oil coolers to complex, multi-fluid coolers required for Tier IV programs.

Typical fluids include:

  • Engine oil cooling (also known as “engine cooling”)
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Ethylene glycol cooling
  • Fuel cooling
  • Charge air cooling (CAC)

Our custom coolers can be equipped with many options, including:

  • Screens, filters and rock guards
  • Temperature switches
  • Reversing fan controllers for cooler blowout
  • Temperature and pressure bypasses
  • Extra corrosion protection for use in marine/offshore applications
Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

Custom Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

IFP’s mobile hydraulic application sales engineers can work with you to design the perfect cylinder for your application. Our custom welded mobile cylinder products can be designed for applications requiring 1-inch through 9-inch bore, with virtually any required stroke length in the appropriate pressure rating for your application.

We offer both chrome and nitrite rod finishes, in double action design, single action, double ended, smart cylinders with embedded linear position sensors as well as specialty custom cylinders with valves installed, special tubing, etc. In as few as 10 piece minimum requirements IFP can provide you with the perfect cylinder for your application.

Linear Position Sensors

The Gemco line of Linear Displacement Transducers use advanced field proven Magnetostrictive technology to solve complex linear positioning applications. Engineered to perform and built to last, the Gemco linear displacement products and their complementary components will meet and exceed your process and positioning needs.

Compact Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (EHA)

The Compact EHA is a self-contained, bi-directional DC motor driven pump with an integral hydraulic cylinder. EHA provides power dense, low-noise performance in an affordable package.  The robust, leak free, one-piece housing design delivers system simplicity and lower installation costs.  The small footprint reduces space and weight.

EHA allows decoupling from main hydraulic system reducing parasitic losses for better fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.   It eliminates hoses, fittings, valves and fixtures and is easy to integrate into larger systems.  The extended service life dramatically lowers maintenance requirements and costs.  The EHA comes pre-flushed, filled and sealed and operates in a variety of harsh environments.

Compact EHA Applications
: The flexibility of EHA makes it a great fit for UTV/ATV, mini-construction and agricultural equipment and attachments. EHA is well suited for use in marine, patient handling, and turf care applications.  Niche actuation for trucks and maintenance vehicles with an EHA enables decoupling from larger hydraulic systems for energy savings.  Industrial, material handling and alternative energy markets all have a place for EHA.

Standard Mobile Welded, Telescopic & Tie-Rod Cylinders

IFP offers a wide array of standard mobile cylinders with various rod end and port configurations. In welded design (1.5-8 inch bore), tie-rod design (2-5 inch bore), telescopic and sensor cylinders rated for 2500 or 3000 psi. Some of these cylinders are available with the Royal Plate Plus rod plating, which will prevent rust more than twice as long  as hard chrome plating and gas nitride treated steel bar, and carries a 7 year warranty against rust and corrosion.

Custom Hydraulic Products & Systems

Custom Products

IFP manufacturing is done in our Ft Wayne Indiana headquarters. There we design, build, assemble and test various products and subassemblies for our customers. In addition we also integrate hydraulic products with the electronic technologies we offer and include non-hydraulic products in our assemblies.

Integrated Circuits & Custom Manifold Systems

IFP engineers are trained to provide application assistance as well as circuit & custom manifold design. Our Ft Wayne facility is also fully equipped to build and test complete integrated circuits and IFP custom manifold products.

Hydraulic Valves

Mobile Hydraulic Valves

IFP offers a wide range of open-center directional control valves for mobile markets that also can be used as closed-center, constant-pressure and constant-pressure unloaded valves. Each valve technology offers unique features for improved machine performance and cost. We also offer a broad choice of circuitries, spool positioners and port accessories within each valve model. Field-proven differential area and pilot-operated relief valves also are available.

Parker’s range of load-sensing control valves includes load-sense only valves, pre-compensated valves, and post-compensated valves. All load-sense control valves offer improved machine control and efficiency.

A full line of pilot controllers 
with spring packs matched to remote-actuated directional control valves ensures predictable and reliable machine performance. For electrohydraulic operation, all valves are designed to interface with the IQAN electronics package.

NFPA mounted directional control valves with up to 21 spool styles available, solenoid, lever, cam, air or oil pilot operated designs. Proportional, sandwich, and pressure control valves are also available.

Cartridge Valves

Directional Control Valves, Logic Elements & Flow Controls, Pressure Controls, Proportional, Load Holding, Check, Shuttle & Solenoid Operated Hydraulic Cartridge Valves & Valve Bodies.

Integrated Circuits & Custom Manifold Systems

IFP engineers are trained to provide application assistance as well as circuit & custom manifold design. Our Ft Wayne facility is also fully equipped to build and test complete integrated circuits and IFP custom manifold products.

Miscellaneous Valves

Flow, needle and check valves. Ball valves and mobile accessory valves such as flow controls, flow dividers and pilot operated check valves.

Pumps & Motors

Piston Pumps

P1 Series:     Variable displacement, axial piston pumps for open-circuit applications. Medium pressure, continuous operation at pressures up to 4060 PSI (280 BAR). Compact, quiet and efficient control.

P2 Series:     High pressure & speed variable displacement piston pumps featuring a very compact design, low noise level and low pressure ripple. 4600 psi (320 BAR).

P3 Series:     High pressure/Super Charged Mobile piston pumps. P3 Piston Pumps are ideal for open circuit mobile applications with high self priming speed and operating pressure up to 4650 PSI (320 BAR). These high performance pumps are suited for mobile applications where inlet fill characteristics are not ideal; i.e. high altitudes, long inlet lines, cold weather and high pump drive speeds.

F11/F12 Series Bent Axis Pumps:     The F11 is a well proven bent axis, fixed displacement heavy-duty pump. They can be used in open or closed circuit applications where high efficiency, high drive speeds, high pressure and indirect drives are desired.

The F12 is a high performance, bent axis, fixed displacement heavy- duty pump series. They can be used in numerous applications where high efficiency, high drive speeds, high pressure and indirect drives are desired.

The F11 & F12 will provide high output ows in a very compact package.

F1 Fixed Displacement Bent Axis Truck Pumps:    F1 fixed displacement piston pumps are widely used on truck applications with operating pressure up to 5000 PSI (350 BAR). These lightweight, efficient pumps were designed specifically for truck applications including cargo cranes, hook loaders, forest cranes and concrete mixer trucks.

F2 Twin Flow Bent Axis Truck Pumps:  F2 Fixed Displacement Piston Pumps are widely used on truck applications with operating pressure up to 5000 PSI (350 BAR). These twin flow pumps provide two independent output flows with a single inlet in a compact package. These lightweight, efficient pumps were designed specifically for truck applications including cargo cranes, hook loaders, forest cranes and concrete mixer trucks.

PAVC Series:   PAVC piston pumps are ideal for many applications with operating pressure up to 3000 PSI (210 BAR). These compact pumps feature convenient cartridge style controls and carry a full pressure rating on most water glycol fluids.

Hydraulic Motors:

We offer a full line of high and low speed motors provide power ranging up to 15,000 inch-pounds of torque with speeds ranging from 1/2 rpm to 13,000 rpm. A complete range of sizes is offered in gear, gerotor, vane and piston style operating configurations. Fixed and variable displacement motors are available. Our hydraulic motors deliver excellent performance with high efficiency, true wear compensation and longer service life.

  • Variable Displacement Axial Piston (V12, V14, T12)
  • Fixed Displacement Bent-Axis Piston (F11, F12)
  • Low Speed High Torque Motors
  • High Speed Motors (M2, M4)
  • Calzoni Radial Piston LSHT Motors
  • Vane Motors (Fixed displacement & fan Drive motors)

Hydrostatic Transmissions:

Integrated Hydrostatic Transmissions

The heart of the HT Series Integrated Hydrostatic Transmission is the world class Parker Torqmotor married to a high performance Parker variable displacement pump. Parker Torqmotors and pumps have earned a worldwide reputation as a gold standard in hydraulic power transmission. Parker drive systems have been propelling the turf industry since the introduction of zero turn radius mowers, demonstrating market leading durability and efficiency. Laboratory tests show the HT Series transmissions achieve up to a 25% efficiency gain over competing power systems.

OEM Benefits

  • Common four bolt mounting across the product range.
  • More scalability across product platforms.
  • Reduced components for simplified installation.
  • Reduced assembly labor costs.
  • Reduced inventory and material costs.
  • Increased owner satisfaction

Owner Benefits

  • More power to the deck, reducing cutting costs, increased revenue per project.
  • Lower fuel cost, up to 25% in lab tests.
  • Longer fluid change intervals, up to 1000 hours.
  • Better durability, longer life cycle means less downtime, decreased expense, improved productivity.

Three series available:

HTE Series

The HTE Series transmission is the ideal choice for lighter machine applications such as residential “estate” or entry level commercial operator mowers. It matches the proven Parker 10cc pump with six sizes of the rugged, field-proven TE Torqmotors for the most effective integrated transmission available in its class.

HTJ Series

The HTJ Series transmission now comes with a choice of a 10cc or 12cc pump, providing design flexibility for expanded market applications. The HTJ Series transmission is similar to the HTE transmission, except it integrates with the field- proven TJ Series Torqmotor with a larger 11⁄4 inch output shaft (versus 1 inch), a higher capacity bearing for greater side loads capability, and a heavy duty motor drive train for higher torque, heavier weight machine capability, and higher speeds.

HTG Series

The HTG Series has become the industry standard for the truly professional, commercial zero turn radius mowers. The robust, industry standard TG Series Torqmotor, integrated with 14cc and 16cc pumps provides the greatest power for the toughest turf applications.

Gold Cup

The Gold Cup Hydrostatic Transmission pumps are variable displacement piston pumps of an unparalleled rugged design. Rated to 5000 psi continuous pressure and continuous duty, the Gold Cup design has the unique feature of an internal servo/ replenish and the ability to utilize system over pressure to directly control the stroking chambers. This affords the fastest and most stable control strategy available.

Hydraulic Pumps for Mobile Applications

Gear, Vane and Piston Pumps

Hydraulic Power Packs:

DC power units with features that include:

  • Compact designs
  • Integrated and manifolded valve circuits
  • Flow: 0.40 – 8.0 GPM (1,5 – 30 l/min)
  • Pressures to 4000 psi (280 bar)

Chelsea Power Take Off

Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Filtration 

High, medium & low pressure hydraulic filters. Fluid condition monitoring systems, portable filtration and off-line filtration systems.