Each year, B&R publishes an annual Innovations catalog piece. This  update provides an overview of the major innovations which B&R plans to bring to market in 2015. Below is a link to download this content. We’ll briefly cover some of the highlights here:


3-axis servo drive – High performance with a compact design.


With the ACOPOS P3, B&R is setting new standards for motion control. This 3-axis servo drive offers a power density of 4 A per liter, making it one of the most efficient servo drives with integrated safety functions on the market. It also provides previously unmatched dynamics and precision, with a minimum sampling time of 50 µs for the entire controller cascade.

More than ever before, machine and system manufacturers are being bombarded with demands for increased productivity and availability. At the same time, pressure is constantly building to reduce the manufacturing costs for production machines. The new servo drive generation from B&R was designed to meet these challenges.

mapp Technology – The Revolution in Automation Software

Still developing – when you could be selling?


Accelerate your time to market with mapp technology. Up to 67% faster software development, increased machine availability, lower maintenance costs, and reduced investment risk.




Safety Innovations, reACTION Technology, New PCs, and more

To download the 2015 B&R Innovations  Guide, please click here: http://ow.ly/IeJiQ

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