Factory authorized product repairs to help bring your industrial machinery or mobile equipment back to its most productive state in the most efficient way possible.

IFP Automation provides repairs of all brands of hydraulic and pneumatic components, as well as repairs for many of our industrial automation products. This can include hydraulic cylinders, pumps, power units, electrical servo motors, drives, PLC, PC, HMIs, and more.

Downtime is a fact of life. A pump fails. A cylinder leaks. A motor breaks down. And in today’s economic climate, there’s a chance you won’t have a spare on the shelf. So when your product component fails, you need to get it fixed.

If you’re like our other customers, just getting it fixed isn’t good enough. When you send a component out for repair, you’re looking for a company who will:

  • Repair your component correctly the first time, using only the highest quality parts.
  • Test hydraulic components at pressure and at flow before shipment.
  • Repair your component quickly, with the shortest possible turn-around time.
  • Provide a repair report to identify cause of failure when needed.
  • Charge a fair and competitive price.

If those things are important to you, call us for your next hydraulic, electrical, electronic or pneumatic repair. We’ll get your component repaired right – the first time.

For many of our product repairs, a material return portal is available where repairs and reclamations can be handled and tracked quickly and efficiently. Clear tracking of repairs, seamless flow of information between customers and IFP can occur. Online availability of service documents for a service order (repair or reclamation) are just some of the advantages of using a portal. In some cases this portal is available for both customers and IFP offices.

When a breakdown occurs, please call us at (260) 489-4575 and one of our engineers or technicians will assist you.