IFP offers a variety of manufactured systems, system assembly, custom part manufacturing, and many other value add services to help reduce the labor, design, and engineering costs our customers incur when building their machinery.

Custom Hydraulic Power Units – Our power unit facility, located in our Ft Wayne Indiana headquarters, can design, build and test standard or custom hydraulic power units for a variety of applications. In addition we also design and build other custom products such as test stands and can provide and integrate a full controls package with our hydraulic units.

Custom Manifold Assemblies – IFP engineers are trained to provide application assistance as well as circuit & custom manifold design. Our Ft Wayne facility is also fully equipped to build and test complete integrated circuits and IFP custom manifold products.

Custom Products & Systems – IFP manufacturing is done in our Ft Wayne Indiana headquarters. There we design, build, assemble and test various products and subassemblies for our customers. In addition we also integrate hydraulic products with the electronic technologies we offer and include non-hydraulic products in our assemblies.

Custom Hydraulic Suspension


Custom Cooling Package

Integrated Electronic & Hydraulic Package

Hose and Tube Assemblies – Custom hose and tube assemblies, all major thread configurations and metric configurations available.

HyperPress Machines and Standalone Stations – Four standard designs from C-Frames, H-Frames, Equalizing Units and CGB small-form frames.


Extrusion Design – High-strength aluminum framing material of choice for assembling an unlimited variety of machine bases and frames, linear-slide systems, safety guarding, enclosures, worktables, material handling systems, and other industrial structures. The modular t-slot aluminum profile system has conquered the world of machine building, industrial automation, material handling and machine safety guarding and enclosures. This innovative construction system offers so much flexibility and cost savings in engineering, fabrication, and assembly; that it is now preferred for a multitude of industrial applications that benefit from these important features.

Extrusion Assembly – In addition to supplying a full product offering, IFP engineers can design a system for your needs and our technicians can kit all the parts you need for your particular application, allowing you to order one part number. We also can provide fully assembled product, simply with the aluminum framing assembled, or with other products also included.

Product & System Kitting – Custom kitting has been an integral part of the overall supply chain process for many years. Kitting is a process of reducing manufacturing steps as a technique for cost and time saving. A custom kit in a manufacturing setting is a system that presents required parts to a worker on an assembly line or workbench in an organized manner. As all the items required are presented in an orderly manner, they can be removed from the kit quickly and without damage.

Beyond the improved efficiency for the worker, a custom kit of goods destined for the assembly line has the hidden effect of reducing the number of lines on an invoice. That happens when many parts become one part number. Keep part tracking and invoicing simple by reducing the lines and everyone wins.