Product specific training courses and seminars for your engineers and technicians to improve their knowledge in a variety of offered technical areas.

Training and Seminars

Skilled employees are the foundation of a company’s success. Continued training provides a competitive advantage. Training options can range from introductory product presentations over a lunch to longer multi-day off site courses available through our partners. The training courses include customized, compact training solutions ranging from introduction courses to special automation technology courses. Individual problems can be examined in clearly defined groups. Experienced trainers provide theoretical and practical information. Realistic exercises allow for hands on activities utilizing modern trainer systems. In addition to our standard training programs, customer-specific trainings are also offered that match the tasks the participants will be carrying out in the future.

Fluid Power Training

Courses include training options for all phases of technical training for hydraulic and pneumatic technologies and systems. In-depth review of circuits, hydraulic components, maintenance, improving performance, maintenance, troubleshooting and more.

Control Systems & Software Training

Our controls and automation training offerings provide targeted training courses for our customers. Our seminars make it possible for you to improve your knowledge in the field of both controls and automation engineering. Once completed, you will be in a much stronger position to implement efficient control solutions using the pertinent training technology.

Well trained engineers help their companies secure a decisive competitive edge by allowing them to more effectively create control system designs and author software more rapidly in our environment. This helps OEMs and end users react faster to constantly changing market demands in their fields.

In-person, on-site training, and custom training options are available.