We offer everything needed for machine and system automation. Many type of sensors, diagnostic equipment, IoT compatible parts, and vison technologies are available to help accomplish your industrial automation projects.



These sensors can detect or count objects without contact, measure distances, and detect colors, gloss or luminescence using light.


Ultrasonic sensors are suitable for detecting transparent, dark, glossy, reflective or porous surfaces.


Inductive sensors detect metallic objects through electromagnetic induction.


Fluid sensors detect parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature or fill level in liquid or gaseous media

Diagnostic Products

Industrial IoT & Sensors

Industrial IoT is the next-generation manufacturing cloud-based monitoring solution specifically designed to provide sophisticated data, monitoring and performance control capabilities.

Handheld diagnostic equipment for monitoring temperature, pressure, and flow

Parker’s Service Master Plus combines innovative technology with increased overall capabilities to bring you a premier diagnostic instrument. This tool is more than just a meter; it incorporates data measurement, display, and on-screen analysis to provide increased functionality that extends far beyond standard meters currently on the market.

Vision and Illumination

Illumination Technologies

Illumination is a crucial component in the 2D machinevision illumination and code reading industry. Machine vision lighting is constructed of LEDs, optics and diffusors.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras combine numerous image processing functions such as the detection of colors, patterns or shapes, the recognition of fonts and symbols as well as the decryption of 1D and 2D codes.

2D&3D profile sensors

2D/3D profile sensors of this type measure profiles of objects such as weld seams or glue beads and check roundness or gaps using laser triangulation. The data is evaluated by control units (high-performance IPC).

3D sensors

3D sensors perform three-dimensional completeness, dimensional accuracy and surface checks.

Barcode Scanners

The scanners read all 1D and 2D codes using different types of light.